KT Galaxy S4 Mini updated to Android 4.4.4 in Korea

If you, like me, are an expat in Korea that bought a Galaxy S4 Mini (SHV-E370K) from KT's online store, you're in luck. Last week Samsung finally released an Android update. If your phone is running 4.2, you can now update to 4.4.4 (aka "KitKat").

Note that it is not available* as an "over the air" (OTA) update (if you try, it'll just tell you "Latest updates have already been installed"), so you'll need to do it manually by connecting to Samsung Kies. I updated mine a few days ago, using the US-English version of Kies, and it worked just fine. If you need to download Kies, use version 2.6, not 3.
*** UPDATE 2015-01-19: The upgrade is now apparently available OTA.

I haven't noticed much difference, really. Some previously-unavailable apps are now downloadable, such as the Google Camera, so I can now take "Photo Sphere" pics with my S4 Mini. The printing features are here now too.

More info here: