Map of Muuido island, hiking trails (무의도 등산로 지도)

Just in case you've visited Muuido for a hike, and are lost, here's a copy of the island map (무의도 등산로 지도) that's displayed at multiple points along the hiking trails. Also, here's a detail of the map timetable, estimating hike times between key points.

Muuido Island hiking trails map

Muuido island table of distances and approximate walking times between key points

I took these photos, but various other (clearer) photos can be seen here (hiking trail maps) or here (general island maps). Here's a nice once, for example:

Map of Muuido and Horyonggoksan

And FYI, the ferry back to the 'mainland' (Jamjindo, and walk to Yeongjongdo, from which you can catch the Airport Railroad) departs Muuido at every half-hour, the last departing at 7:30pm (Mon, Wed, Th) or 8:00pm (Sun, Tues, Fri, Sat). Check the specific timetables here:

→ Muuido Ferry Departures Timetable