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Incheon Metro Line 2 Stations, Route Maps - 인천 지하철 2호선 노선도

Incheon Metro Line #2 Background Info

Incheon Line 2 route, showing intersection with Incheon Line 1. Image: Chosun Ilbo 
By next year, Incheon is meant to have a second subway line. This new line, scheduled to open in 2016, will run from Majeon-dong (above the former-landfill, now "Dream Park") north to south, nearly parallel to Incheon Line 1 but further west, before cutting east toward Incheon Grand Park. It will be great for people in Mansu-dong and Gajwa-dong, and will likely increase stalled growth in that northern part of Seo-gu (fast fact: I'm told this is where the 삼둥이 live).

The line will intersect with various current metro lines, including:
  • AREX Airport Railroad  (@ Geomam Station)
  • Seoul Line 7 (@ Seongnam Station, once the extension of Line 7 beyond Bupyeong-gu Office is complete)
  • Seoul Line 1 (@ Juan Station)
  • Incheon Line 1 (@ Incheon City Hall)
Information about Line 2 is plentiful online, but it's hard to visualize. So, I made an interactive Google Map to illustrate the new station locations and route Line 2 will take.

Incheon Metro Line 2 Stations, Route Map 

인천 지하철 2호선 노선도

Still shot of my Incheon Line 2 Google Map

Embedded below. Direct link is here:

Map Making Methodology

I want to emphasize that I myself created this map. I'm not an employee of Incheon Metro. I'm not an expert. The information on the map came from me scouring Wiki-Namu (the Korean Wikipedia that Koreans actually use), and cross-referencing it with Naver Maps. I manually located stations and imputed station names in English and Korean. Yes, I'm insane, I like maps.

You may notice that information on my map is slightly different from that shown on the English Wikipedia entry, particularly the names of stations. This is because some of the information has been proposed, but not finalized, and subject to change. So please use this map just for fun. And remember, this will not be a functioning subway line until 2016.

Now play this and relax, thinking about riding the Line 2 rails next year. Ahh...

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