KT and Expedia partner for unlimited data roaming

It looks like KT is offering customers traveling abroad a free unlimited data roaming promotion. That's pretty huge, since I can still remember visiting home and having to choose my data-dates carefully, as it was 10k won each day for such service. A quick check shows that that is still basically the case. But before you get too excited, there are of course some conditions:
  1. You have to be staying in a hotel charging over $100/night (not one of these)
  2. You have to book that hotel stay via the promotional Expedia site
If that's you, read on to see how to take advantage of this promotion. 

How to get KT's Unlimited Data Roaming

Olleh unlimited free roaming data promotion

Step 1: Get the Coupon Code

You need to visit the special promotional page on the Expedia site. There, you just need to sign-up for the promotion with your name and email address. 
The "official" link is below, but it's all in Korean.
Luckily, you can just change the URL to get it all in English.

Step 2: Reserve your Hotel

Make your hotel reservation. Be sure to use the special link below.
NB: If Expedia ever starts displaying in Korean you can change it to English by adding &langid=1033 to the end of the URL. This is safer than clicking "English" as that may remove the KT-promotion-specific URL coding. 

Step 3: Enter the coupon code

Now when it's time to pay for the reservation, be sure to enter the coupon code you got in Step 1 into the billing information. After that double-check your itinerary, which should now say "Data Roaming" or "데이터로밍" or "Data Unlimited Free", etc. 

Step 4: Show your itinerary at the Airport Data Roaming Center

When you show up at the airport for your flight, stop by the KT Data Roaming center and show them your itinerary. They should do the rest. 

I'm not a translation expert or anything, but it says 예를 들어, 5박을 하면 5일, 10박을 하면 10일 데이터로밍 무제한 혜택이 제공되는 것이죠, so it looks like this is valid for your entire hotel stay. In other words, stay 8 days and get 8 days of unlimited data, for example. 

Also beware that some hotels are excluded from the promotion. 

I haven't tried it yet of course, even though I'm a KT customer, mainly because the last time I left Korea was well over a year ago now. I'm due for a nice tropical vacation. Maybe if  when that time comes, I can use this offer to sit on a nice beach, sip a nice cocktail, and continue building my Clan like I do on the toilet at work.