Using Google in Korea? You're probably a criminal.

The Korea Times wants to warn you about all sorts of dangers that come from using Google as your default search engine. Clearly if you are Googling instead of Navering, you're up to no good.

Evil Google. Image: Korea Times


Capitalization by me, to make it funnier.

...A 28-year-old suspect, surnamed Choi, who has been arrested for allegedly having recorded videos of more than 100 naked women in water park shower rooms, said she used a subminiature camera imported from Taiwan for the job [...] And this is just one of many options available online.
A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH can give anyone access to a slew of cameras that look like normal everyday items such as pens, car keys, lighters, watches and glasses among others.

Korea Times | Small cameras are watching you

...Song and Park said they traded meth online, using someone else’s phone numbers and bank accounts. They said they learned how to make the drug from foreign websites, over which Korean law enforcement has no control. In fact, such information can be easily found with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH.

Korea Times | Men arrested for allegedly making and selling meth

...In the wrong hands, these records could offer one-stop shopping for identity theft. The two companies acknowledged that records for 343 people were accessed by unknown and potentially unauthorized individuals.
Finding the exposed information hardly required computer skill of a high order. Scripps found the records through A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH

Korea Times | Lifeline could be direct line to identity theft

...It is not just one or two websites. Potential buyers here can also purchase marijuana from overseas sellers directly and get it delivered with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH for "no prescription marijuana" or "marijuana delivery to South Korea." Moreover, there is abundant information about how to grow marijuana on various websites. As some drugs are legal in some countries, such information is generated legally, but people spread it to places where it is not legal, such as Korea.

Korea Times | Is Korea becoming a pot haven?

...In fact, with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH for "no prescription marijuana" or "marijuana delivery to South Korea," anyone can purchase them and get them delivered to with some risk. And that does not exclude minors.

Korea Times | Online overseas buys of illegal drugs on steep rise

Buying and selling firearms is illegal in Korea. Yet information on how to make them can be easily found online with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH.

Korea Times | Homemade weapons just a click away

Even the Chosun has gotten in on it.

The hacker creates log-ons using the real names of about four or five people a month to post his banners, and the victims whose identities have been stolen may never know about it. These days, when anybody can find hundreds of resident registration numbers and names with A SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH, it is this reporter, sadly, who is the loser in this online war.

Searching for Reason on the Internet - The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition)

Be careful out there folks. You never know what mischief a simple Google search can lead to.