Naver Maps Dokdo underwater street views

You may know how Google Streetview includes lots of fascinating underwater imagery. Naver Maps also provides some interesting armchair explorer views of the sea around Dokdo, so you can swim all around the coastlines of the lonely islets. Here's a map of which areas currently have "street view" imagery available. I don't know what to call it. Underwater view?

Naver Maps underwater imagery locations around the Dokdo islands
Naver Maps underwater imagery locations around the Dokdo islands

From the Naver Maps blog, a couple of the shots of how they got this footage. How fun would it be to get paid to scuba around this place? The area looks somehow more lush and vibrant than I expected. I mean I don't know what I expected exactly, but still. 

Imagery: Naver Maps

I've been browsing the imagery for nearly an hour already, on my own virtual tour. I've got to say, I actually think the inland imagery is more interesting. Call me crazy, but I'd love to hike up this stairway, for example.

Imagery: Naver Maps

And of course that's not even counting the view you'd have from the top of those stairs. You really need to see it as a panorama to appreciate it. I'll embed it here from Naver Maps, but not sure how it will come out so you might want to click over for it:

2016.3.25 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NAVER Corp.

To access all this great imagery, just head on over to Naver Maps and be sure to have the Street View icon chosen. If you're new to Naver, it's the cute little pointy thing that looks like EVE from Wall-E (shown in blue here). For the underwater imagery, you'll have to click the airplane icon to move through it. But you know all this. I just some filler to make myself feel good.

You can also check out a pretty sweet VR/Panoramic viewing thing of Dokdo over on the Korean Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration site. It will also let you dive-in and browse underwater, with imagery that I think is clearer and faster-loading. Nice thing about it too is that it is plug-in free. They've got some manual-navigation underwater views, total 360-degree spherical video of divers moving through the water, etc. Sorry, I'm a sucker for this stuff. I don't get off the couch or away from the desk much.


And of course, if you're interested in normal people's views of Dokdo, there's my Posts from Dokdo Tumblr blog that collects people's, you guessed it, posts from Dokdo. Hey I never said I was a writer.

Happy exploring.