Friday, May 27, 2016

KEB banking app will change to Hana app

Alongside the banking service suspension coming up real quick (June 4~7), the smartphone apps will be changing over to Hana too. Here I'll let them tell it:

The existing KEB Smart Bank app will be discontinued June 4 at midnight (00:00). It will then be replaced on June 7 by a new multilingual 'Hana 1Q Bank Global' app.
Note: 'Hana 1Q Bank Global' is different from the existing 'Hana 1Q Bank' app, which supports Korean only.  
To continue using Smartphone Banking:
Install the new 'Hana 1Q Bank Global' app from your iPhone or Android app store on or after June 7, when it is released; Then delete the 'KEB Smart Bank' app from your phone.
iPhone users will need to re-transfer their digital certificate from their PC to their phone after downloading '1Q Bank Global.  Android users will not need to re-transfer a certificate.
Note: (Former) Hana Bank customers now using the Hana N mini app will be asked to update that app to the new Hana 1Q Bank Global. 
[KEB Hana Bank for Expats | Changes to Smartphone Banking]

I bolded that part because, like an idiot, I installed the Hana 1Q app just now and spent a good 20 minutes trying to find the damn English setting.

Here's the actual post from their Facebook:

And what the heck, since I'm in a copy-paste mood anyway, they've also got a post up on how to contact KEB-Hana Bank by phone using several Asian languages including:

  • Myanmar (Burmese)             010-2725-1947
  • Vietnamese        010-9339-6892        
  • Bengali                010-9339-9173
  • Chinese               010-9339-1132
  • Indonesian          010-9331-0751
  • Tagalog               010-9339-7639 
  • Thai                      010-9339-9041
It seems like I'm just copy-pasting stuff lately from KEB's Facebook page, but this is important information and with Facebook's wacky algorithms, some people might not have seen it.

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