Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NASA space station images of Korea

NASA keeps a public archive of some of the photos astronauts have taken from the ISS, called "Windows on Earth." I had bookmarked this to post a long while back, but forgot about it until now.

Here's one of what pretty clearly must be Jeju Island:

Jeju Island. Image: NASA

There's only six photos right now that come up in a "Korea" search, so I hope more will be added. I particularly like the one where the lit DMZ makes that clear line of light across the border. Very cool. And if you're curious about what all those dotty lights are out in the sea around Korea at night, they're apparently squid boats, which use light to draw up the curious squid. Sort of makes me feel bad for eating them. Then I remember how delicious they can be, fried or dried.

Anyway I found them here:

NASA - Windows on Earth: "korea"

And you can also add their "Korea" RSS feed to get updates on new ones.

Bonus: Here's another shot I like:

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