Stephen Colbert's Korean Man Spanx

This week on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stephen had a small comedy bit where he featured himself as a "Korean Man Spanx" model.

Stephen Colbert's Korean man-spanx
Stephen's Man-spanx. Image: YouTube

During a guest interview with actress Ellie Kemper (from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or Erin from The Office), they discussed being in advertisements overseas. Stephen joked that he is the spokesmen for a brand of Korean Man-Spanx and showed the product to the audience. I didn't know this, but manspanx are apparently tight-fitting male undergarments meant to hide your gut and give a more slim, athletic look. Maybe I should pick up a few of these.

The text reads 이중적 아첨, 예쁜 압착, 더 지방이 없다, or "Doubly flattering. Beautifully squeezed. No more fat!" I can't make out what it says under the tiger. My Korean's not perfect, but 더 지방이 없다 seems sort of unnatural. I wonder if they just Google Translated this? If you speak Korean, let me know.

Update: YouTube user "dragon y" says that under the tiger it reads:"당신은 지금 좋아 보여요 -> You look good now."

Here's the bit, which starts at 32 seconds in. The embed should start there automatically: