Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kakao Friends wish you a happy Chuseok

Kakao Friends wish you a happy Chuseok

OK, now I just thought this was plain cute. I got a lot of Happy Chuseok messages last week, but this was my favorite. I tried to find the origin of it, but the best my lazy quick-Googling could come up with was a G-Dragon Twitter fan account.

GD-SUPPORTERS on Twitter: "오늘부터 추석 연휴 시작이네요. 본가로 내려가시는 분들도 계실테고 홀로 긴 연휴를 보내시는 분들도 계실텐데 긴 명절연휴인 만큼 가족들과 또는 스스로에게도 긴 휴식이 될수 있길 바랍니다:) 우리지용이두요🙏"

Kakao Friends wishing you a Happy Chuseok

The Korean text on the side reads 더도 말고 덜도 말고 한가위만 같아라, which is an old saying something like "There's nothing more or less like Chuseok" or "There's nothing better than Chuseok". Send it to your Korean friends next year.

Google knows Chuseok

Speaking of Chuseok, I thought this was funny. I did a Google voice search on my phone, asking "When is Chuseok" a couple of weeks back, and it actually understood the word "chuseok" and brought back an info card filled with details. Nice.

Google Search results for "Chuseok" on mobile

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