Saturday, October 29, 2016

G-mail shows previews of Hangul (HWP) files

Note: this is one of several methods for working with HWP files. See my other posts on opening Hangul (.hwp/.hml) files.

It seems G-mail is now able to show full 'previews' of Hangul (.hwp) files that are attached to e-mails.

A Hangul .hwp file, in G-mail

This is a nice feature, since you had to manually download and open the files before to see what's inside. This also makes it a quick and easy way to open the file without any extra software or steps, since you can copy text from this preview.

This is also a nice workaround for converting an .HWP file to a .PDF, since you can print from the viewer and chose your OS's "Print to PDF" option.

Previously if you tried viewing an attached HWP file you'd just get the "No preview available" message. And the same is still true if you try opening it in Google Inbox (maybe they'll add that soon?).

Hangul file in Inbox

What would be ideal now is if a site like Polaris Office would make a Drive compatible app so you could open the file in their full editor immediately. Of course you can always just add the file to your Drive with one-click here and previously have connected your Drive with your Polaris account.

It's a nice subtle improvement to G-mail. Thanks, Goog.

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    1. It seems to only work in G-mail, not Inbox. So just try signing into G-mail and previewing it that way (web, not mobile).