Yoo Young-kuk (유영국) featured in Google Arts & Culture

Yoo Young-kuk (유영국) featured in Google Arts & Culture

구글 아트 앤 컬처’ 사이트 내 ‘유영국, 절대와 자유’ | Image: Google Korea blog

In addition to the Korean natural history museums already added to their Arts & Culture initiative (which I noted here: 10원 Tips: Google Arts & Culture features several Korean natural history museums), Google have now added works from artist Yoo Young-kuk (유영국).

See their blog post about it (in Korean) here:
Google 한국 블로그: '한국 추상화의 선구자' 유영국 작가의 작품을 더 가까이 만나보세요

And see their entry for Yoo and his work here:
유영국 - Google Arts & Culture

For a primer on his abstract style and the importance of his work in Korea's modern history, see these articles:
I don't know art, modern or otherwise, at all. Just passing along the info. And always nice to see some recognition of non K-pop Korean art.