Naver releases AudioClip app (in English!)

Naver's continuing to release English features, and this time there's a new mobile app called AudioClip (오디오클립). AudioClip seems like a mini-podcast app. Like Twitter is microblogs, AudioClip seems for mini-podcasts.

Update: here's an official promo image.

Naver AudioClip mini-podcast-like app. Image: Naver

You can subscribe to various channels and get their 5~15 minute podcasts, many of which seem to include visual content that you can scroll through that enhances the audio content but isn't necessary. For example, there's a currently popular channel of narrated childrens' stories, with accompanying illustrations.

Here's how Naver describes it in their English description:
AudioClip is an audio content platform where you can encounter various stories by listening to
different kinds of audio technology of NAVER.
* Follow channels of interest
: Choose your favorite channels among various categories like humanism, history,
language, science, culture, health, and arts, and follow them.
* Listen with visual materials
: Listen to the contents by looking at images or descriptions and make a more abundant experience.

I just downloaded and played with it for 10 minutes. I'll just throw up some quick screenshots here. You'll get the idea.

Here's a podcast of Korean language stories geared for foreign learners. Note the content itself is in Korean but the app features (navigation, buttons, menus, etc) are all in English. Each episode of a podcast is called a Clip.

Here's an example of the visual content accompanying a story that you can scroll through. Using this makes it feel more like a sort of interactive storybook than just a podcast.

Here's the page to show your account settings. Nicely, you don't even need to log-in to listen to channels or shows, but you do need to login (with a Naver account) to leave subscribe or leave comments etc.

The settings page, all in English.

Download it here: