Road View Choa's location (a Korean idol caught on Daum Maps)

This is old news really, but was new to me. The blog Kkuljaem recently had a post (originally from an Instiz post a few years back) about the girl group member Choa from AOA posing for a photo shoot in Gangnam right at the moment a Road View car drove by and snapped her in its street imagery.

Here was one of the official promo photos:

AOA's Choa. Image: Kkuljaem

That post cited it as Google Maps, probably for simplicity as some readers might not be familiar with Korean portal services, however it's really Daum. In fact, you can still see her in their road view archive imagery right now. Here's a screenshot I just took:

Choa caught on Daum Roadview. Image: Daum

To see it yourself, visit this link to jump to the Road View imagery for the site in Daum Maps:

You won't see her there, because it defaults to the most recent imagery. Just click the date dropdown menu and select 2014년 10월. There she is.

This location is the Apgujeong Rodeo branch of Burger King. Search 버거킹 압구정로데오점 to find it.