Friday, February 10, 2017

Korean films with English subtitles at Emu Artspace, Seoul

Emu Artspace is a cultural center in the heart of Seoul that frequently (nearly every week, sometimes multiple times a week) screens interesting Korean and foreign films with English subtitles. For example, they recently had Michael Moore's "Who to Invade Next," and the animated prequel to "Train to Busan" called "Seoul Station" (with Eng subs), and aside from those big name features there's plenty more indie and film-fest type movies.

Emu Artspace's offerings

The best part is that they well document all the upcoming screenings and make it very explicit which include English subtitles. Here's their latest timetable (as of this posting) for an example:

Emu Artspace film timetable for 1st week of February, 2017. Image: Emu Artspace

And here's a sample of their offerings for this month:

Emu Artspace February 2017 films.Image: Emu Artspace 

Follow them

They also make it easy to stay updated:

Note that if you follow them, especially on Twitter, keep an eye out for "(영어자막)" to know which movies have those English subtitles. 

I haven't been there personally, but online reviews indicate it's definitely got that small indie/arthouse vibe, so don't expect a CGV, or perfection. My friend had recommended 여교사, which I see was shown here. I think I know now why he liked it. Anyway, find it here:

For more places around Seoul where you can see films with English subtitles, check out my older post, or just click over to the links directly:

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