Friday, February 3, 2017

Naver papago translation app gets "mini" mode

Fans of Naver's translation app "papago" (iTunes / Google Play)have a new feature to play with called "mini mode." It's exactly the same thing Google Translate does. If enabled, when you highlight text in any app on your phone, a little bright circle pops up in the upper-right corner of the screen, with a big colorful G a cute papago parrot. Tap it for an immediate translation window. Here's an example:

Naver Papago Mini. Image: Yonhap

One thing I don't like is that, unlike the same feature in Google Translate, papago mini keeps running in your notification shade area until you manually close it.

It's live on Android now. iPhone users, wait until next month.

I actually prefer how it also adds papago as a service, along with the Android defaults of Web Search and Assist (formerly Google's "Now on Tap") and Google's translate. Access it via the three-dot menu aside the Cut/Copy/Paste box after highlighting.

By the way, check out Papago's settings where you can enable (Under "Settings" → "Partners" → "Police force") a phrasebook of convenient police-type questions. Useless unless you yourself are a police officer it's probably not useful, but fun to imagine a rookie cop pulling out his Samsung Galaxy Note, firing up Papago, and telling a foreigner "You're arrested for murder."

Come to think of it, this app would be handy for foreign police services when dealing with Koreans abroad, considering the whole interface is in English (and perhaps other languages).
Update: Here's an article about this: Naver’s Papago to help police communicate with foreigners

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