Sunday, February 5, 2017

Watch Super Bowl 51 free via Naver

Super Bowl 51 is this weekend,. but here in Korea, that will be this coming Monday at 8:30am. As usual, Naver Sports will be offering a streaming feed of the game live. This is a great way to watch the game, as it won't need any VPNs or Passes or anything like that.

Naver Sports will offer two viewing sites again: one for PC/desktop (requires a Naver Video Chrome extension for the video feed, with optional .exe installer if you want HD video), and one for mobile devices which last year was obviously lower resolution but streamed fine with no special software.

Naver Sports 2017 Super Bowl 51 live feeds

Nothing is streaming now of course. Just wait until 8:30 Monday. Last year I was able to cast the mobile stream to my TV via a Chromecast, and the quality was decent enough for me. It was the live American feed and included all US commercials, which was nice. Felt like home, except the snacks were shrimp chips and Cass.

I'm no big fan of the Falcons, but I'm looking forward to them getting their first Super Bowl win, and also to the Pats losing.

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