Thursday, March 16, 2017

Links: Naver Whale public beta, KakaoMap for iOS, SM goes YouTube Diamond

1. Naver Whale open for public download 

Naver Whale is out of private beta and the public beta is available for anyone to download. Well the Windows version anyway. Mac and Linux are "coming soon" as is the mobile app version. You can see my main post about Whale browser here:

Download this Whale for yourself here, but beware it's all still in Korean for now.
You can also get the offline "full" installer here.

Here was a bit from a piece I thought was amusing:
Whale has been developed by Google's open-source web browser platform, Chromium. More than 100 internet browsers have been developed by using source codes from the platform. "At first, we started developing the browser with our own technologies," said the Naver official. "But the strategy of sticking to in-house technologies did not work to improve user-friendliness, so we scrapped the decision."
Korea Times | Naver beefs up rivalry against Google, MS over web browser
I'll let you make your own witty comments about Korean UI stereotypes. In all seriousness, it's a strong, decent app, and worthy of your trial. 

2. KakaoMap available now for iOS

The old Daum Maps app for iOS finally followed its Android cousin and became updated to KakaoMap 1.0. It doesn't have an English interface yet like the Android one does, but it's coming. 

Here are the official screenshots promoting it:

KakaoMap 1.0 for iOS. Image: Kakao

Download it here at the iOS App store:

3. SMTOWN hits 10 million subscribers

And just for fun, the SMTown YouTube channel has reached over 10,000,000 subscribers, earning them a Diamond YouTube Play button.

Image: YouTube Korea blog

From "oldies" like SES and TVXQ, to Girls Generation and Super Junior, to F(x) and EXO, they're a third of Korea's trifecta of entertainment megacorps. And yes I left out Red Velvet, because they're way after my time. Sorry girls. I'd be more like a grandpa fan than an uncle fan to you.

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