Sunday, April 23, 2017

Make labels stay visible in Blogger's Emporio theme

Here's a very simple way to make post labels stay visible on your blog's main page if you're using Blogger's new Emporio theme.

Since the labels are already present at the top-left of each post on the home page, but don't become visible until you hover your mouse over the entry, you can just add a single line of code to make them permanently visible, whether your mouse is hovering or not.

That will work for the desktop view, but then we will add a second line of code to make them visible on mobile views.

Here are the two lines. Go to  (Theme → Customize → Advanced → Add CSS) and paste them:

.labels-outer-container {opacity: 1 !important;}
body.feed-view .post-labels {display: inline-block;}

That's it! All labels will be listed on each post. It will look like this:

Labels displayed on Blogger's Emporio theme

Post labels made visible on mobile Emporio theme

That's it!

Adding labels to other themes

To add the labels to the rest of Blogger's four new themes, check out these related posts:

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