Naver Blog shows "On This Day" memories

The Naver Blogs app will now highlight your old blog posts, in the "on this day..." style similar to Facebook's memories notification or the service Timehop. The iOS version will get it first. You can then easily share that old post, or just enjoy the nostalgia.

Naver Blog Memories feature 

This is a nice feature, especially for those who still actively blog and who have years of backposts. For example I've got plenty of old posts over on a blog my family used extensively to keep in touch back before social media took over. I wish other popular blog services like +Blogger  or +WordPress would add this feature. Timehop used to do this, but removed the feature for blogs. I tried to rig up something similar awhile back which wasn't that great.

I like how well Korea and especially Naver have maintained a healthy and active blogosphere, where a wide variety of information is open and searchable, from official company sources, to knowledgeable amateurs, to just plain personal reviews. They've constantly added features, including last month the ability to include 360 VR video. Last year's "Smart Editor 3.0" update modernized the UI, and it also can embed Open Graph links. Meanwhile, the Blogger app is ancient and the Wordpress app is clunky.

I went with Blogger for this blog because I was already invested in the Google ecosystem, but I've often tinkered with Naver Blog and more than once have considered moving this thing over there.