Saturday, April 1, 2017

Naver News gets emoji reactions

Naver's news articles used to have just a "like" button, but now you can leave other reaction emoticons, just like on Facebook.

Naver News Article Reactions. Image: Naver

Here are those emoji up close.

Naver Reaction emoji

The explanation for what they mean was cute:

공감가는 좋은 기사에는 "좋아요", 마음까지 따뜻해지는 이야기에는 "훈훈해요", 가슴아픈 소식에는 "슬퍼요", 답답하고 속상한 사건사고에는 "화나요" , 더 파헤쳐주길 원한다면 "후속기사원해요". [네이버 뉴스 기사엔드 감성 아이콘 적용 : 네이버 블로그]

So the emoticons are something like:

  • 좋아요 - Like - "Good feeling article"
  • 훈훈해요 - Love - "Stories that warm my soul"
  • 슬퍼요 - Sad - "News that hurts my heart"
  • 화나요 - Angry - "Frustrating and upsetting incidents"
  • 후속기사원해요 - Interesting - "I want to know more"

This kind of cute flowery language sounds better in Korean than English.

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