Monday, May 1, 2017

Naver shows real-time Incheon airport parking congestion status

Naver now shows you the real-time, current parking situation at Incheon Airport. Just search 인천공항 주차장 on Naver, and it will bring up a card displaying how many spaces are available in each section of the airport parking lots.

Naver screenshot showing number of empty parking spaces at Incheon airport

If you're in a rush during a holiday, like this week's golden holiday, I guess this could help you plan the best parking area to try first to increase chances of finding a spot. I've never had much problem finding parking there, and actually think the parking situation is a huge part of what makes Incheon Airport so great.

UPDATE: This feature is now live at various other airports in Korea. 

If you scroll down a bit and expand the next section you can see parking fee rates. 

I like this instant card-like info. Recall that Naver does the same for checking passenger terminal congestion too:

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