Friday, June 16, 2017

Crossed Flags emoji 🎌 is pro-Korean in Korean, Japanese elsewhere?

I came across this description of Unicode character U+1F38C:
Two Japanese Flags, crossed at the base. Except on Samsung devices, which display two South Korean flags. [Crossed Flags Emoji]
Sure enough, the page demonstrates the differences among manufacturers:

"Crossed flags" emoji by manufacuter. Image: Emojipedia

You can't accuse Samsung of being unpatriotic.

However I couldn't duplicate the Korean flag on my Korean (KT) Samsung S5 Prime. Nor could two coworkers on a Korean Galaxy S6 or a Note 4. Pasting it into KakaoTalk showed the usual Japanese flags. Same result in any app I tried. I wonder if anyone else can get the Korean flags here? Because all I'm seeing is the Nisshoki instead of a Taegukgi.

What do you see here?: 🎌 

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