Sunday, July 16, 2017

Most popular Korean YouTube videos for first-half of 2017 (excluding K-pop)

YouTube released a list of overall top videos for Korea for the first-half of 2017. In other words, these are all Korea-originating videos that were popular worldwide. The list obviously included lots of K-pop stuff (#1 K-pop song of the year so far is Twice's "Knock Knock"). But you can read about those on other sites like here or here. I'll just give you the links to the non-K-pop stuff.

Worldwide most-viewed Korea-produced children's videos

  1. 토이마트 TV ‘Go Go Super Wings, Tayo School is Under Attack by Monster Bugs’
  2. 밀라나 TV ‘Tayo be careful! Tayo Bus in Real Life. Tayo bus falls into River.’
  3. The Little Bus Tayo ‘Tayo the Little Bus is coming with SEASON 4!’
  5. JOUJUYOUNGTOYS ‘[콩순이의 율동교실 2기] 25분 풀버전’
  6. 뽀로로 ‘[뽀로로와 노래해요 3기] 50분 연속보기’
  7. 서은이야기 ‘엄마 내차 그만 좀 타세요!! 전동 자동차 타요 버스’
  8. Toy Jelly ‘Learn Colors with Clay Slime Ice Cream Surprise Cups’
  9. Super Wings ‘[출동 슈퍼윙스] 시즌2 제 1화 - 쿵후 소년과 우주 괴물(홍콩 편)’
  10. TOY GUMA ‘구체관절인형 리나슈슈 폼폼버니 멜리사 박스개봉’

Overall worldwide most-viewed Korea-produced videos (excluding kids and K-pop)

  1. JFlaMusic ‘Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You ( cover by J.Fla )
  2. 1MILLION Dance Studio ‘Shape of You - Ed Sheeran / Lia Kim Choreography
  4. BANGTANTV ‘[FESTA 2017] BTS (방탄소년단) Jimin, JK 'We don't talk anymore’
  5. Things Craft ‘Monster School : BabySitter Part.2- Minecraft Animation
  6. 네티즌 수사대 자로 ‘세월엑스’
  7. Mnet Official ‘쇼미더머니6 프로듀서 싸이퍼
  8. Alien Being ‘Villager & Witch Life 1 - Minecraft Animation’
  9. 밴쯔 ‘I really wanted to eat ramen...5 Samyang ramen! Mukbang
  10. 허팝 ‘방탈출하기! 이상한 방에 갇힌 허팝은 탈출에 성공할 것인가?!’

I always feel like there's a better way to say those headings. "Korea's most popular videos among an international audience?" "Internationally-popular Korean videos?" How would you say 전 세계에서 가장 많이 본 국내 인기 영상? "In the whole world, most viewed domestic popular videos."

Normally I might go through and give a few lines of commentary on these, but the payoff wouldn't be worth me clicking this crap to take a look. So just a shameless copy/paste job today. Plus I hate Ed Sheeran. Weird looking ginger bastard. 

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