Sunday, August 13, 2017

Twitter shows 안중근's bloody hand emoji for Liberation Day 2017

During this week, any tweets containing certain hashtags related to Korean Liberation Day will trigger a special emoticon to display: the bloodied hand of extremely famous Korean independence activist An Jung-geun.

Twitter promotion of the "Sliced Ring Finger" symbol. Image: Twitter

Here's that hand image up-close:

안중근 의사의 '잘라진 약지' 손도장 모양

Ahn cut off a portion of his own ring finger (the "잘라진 약지") as part of the "signing" of an oath to assassinate a very high ranked official of the Japanese occupation government -- an oath that he kept on October 26, 1909. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

The emoji will display between August 11~16, 2017. You can trigger it by using one of these hashtags:

  • #광복절
    (Liberation Day)
  • #광복72주년
    (72nd Anniversary of Liberation)
  • #국가보훈처
    (Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • #나라사랑
    (Love of country)
  • #독립운동가
    (Independence activists)
  • #대한민국만세
    (Long Live Korea!)

If you want to learn more about the contest held to design this special emoji, check the Twitter Korea blog.

Here's a photo of Ahn:

An Jung-geun.JPG
By Unknown - Japanese book "Japan-Korea Annexation and Korean Independence Movement" published by Roudoukeizai Sha., Public Domain, Link

So tweet your K-pride this week, and let your bloody finger fly.

Finally, you may remember Twitter also offered a special "fire chicken" emoji during Lunar New Year.

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