Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Daum Mail app gets major update to v.3.0

The Daum Mail app got a major overhaul this month. It's updated to version 3.0 and basically looks and works a lot more like the Google Inbox app now. Here are a few promo screenshots from the official Daum blog to get a look.

Daum Mail app promo screenshot. Image: Daum

Daum Mail app promo screenshot, showing new email list style, and attachment adding and previewing. Image: Daum

Among the new features are:
  • Cleaner, sleeker style
  • Attachment previews
  • Set reminders
  • Quick replies
  • Kakao Friends emoji

So, basically Inbox without the cute characters you know and love.

For reference, here's what the old app used to look like as version 2.0 rolled out:

Daum Mail app v.2. Source: Daum

Anyway I don't use Daum at all, so I can't tell you anything first hand. I'm just passing on the info.

Download the Daum Mail app here if you're curious:

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