Monday, September 18, 2017

Korean news site pop-up advertisements getting out of hand

Tonight I was reading some of the Korean news top stories, and saw an article about another teenage girl assult, this time in Cheonan. What struck me most of all about the story wasn't the news itself, but the absolute barrage of ads when I clicked through to it. 

Korean news article, full blown ads. Image: Newstown

It's my fault. I was accidentally still using an Incognito tab from working on the previous post. Boy was that a surprise for someone who routinely uses adblocking software. What a jungle. You can barely tell there's an article underneath. 

For comparison, here's what the same article looked like when I opened it in a normal browser tab.

Korean news article, squeaky clean. Image: Newstown

I wrote about some decent Korean adblock lists before, but uBlock now includes a couple of Korean filters automatically. Set it and forget it. That's what yielded the results above.

By the way, I run ads on this blog's sidebar. I was curious if I could wet my beak a bit from this hobby. The money earned is negligible at best. It couldn't even buy me a cup of coffee each month. Well maybe some vending machine coffee. No Frappuccinos, that's for sure. I do it for fun, and hopefully to help others out. So to be frank, I don't care if you block them or not. Not like I'm going to call the kettle black.

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