Thursday, September 14, 2017

Naver Disco app and Chrome extension

Disco is a new content discovery app by Naver released a couple months ago that's sort of like Pinterest but includes news and blog items. Basically you upvote/downvote stuff in your feed, but it then becomes more customized over time, and your interests will help connect you to similar-minded people. And build a huge potential advertise profile of you, probably.

Naver Disco app. Image: Korea Herald

I don't need to say much because it looks like it got a write up in the Korea Herald:
The Korean internet giant Wednesday announced the release of Disco, which is short for the “discovery” of selected content tailored to individual tastes, according to Naver.

Upon opening the Disco app, users can set their topics of interest based on which the app will recommend certain types of content on the web. By clicking “like” or “dislike” on the content that appears, users allow the app’s engine to study their personal preferences.

Based on this information, the app’s engine will recommend tailored content to users with added accuracy and matching ability as time progresses, Naver said.

Naver introduces AI-based content curating app ‘Disco’

But it's not just news they throw at you. The Disco feed is meant to reflect your personal interests, so there's also a Chrome extension you can use to manually add any items to your own collection. So I said it's like Pinterest. I guess. I've never actually used Pinterest.

But once you've added stuff and up/down voted stuff, it builds a profile of your interests that then can correspond with others to see what percentage of interests you have in common and which particular interest you both seem to be the most interested in. Interests!

Disco recommending potential friends to you. Image: Google Play

You'll end up with a personal profile page (below, left) that people can choose to follow to get your "pins" too. You can even preview how likely you are to like their likes. For example, it looks like Miru here is following (below, right) Orani with whom she has a 93% match! Both of them like interior design! Ermahgerd, they need to be friends!

Disco user profiles pages. Image: Naver

You'll need a Naver ID to sign up. You can grab the Chrome extension over on Disco's landing page for it [Chrome 확장 프로그램으로 DISCO를 더욱 편리하게], or straight from the Chrome store [DISCO - Chrome Web Store]

Disco Chrome extension screenshot from Chrome Store

You can get more details (Korean) here:
클로바 팩토리 블로그 : 네이버 블로그

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