Sunday, September 3, 2017

Whale browser theme store open

In addition to their extension store, Naver's Whale browser now has opened a Whale theme store. Applying the themes basically just changes the wallpaper on your new tab page, so it's also referred to as their Wallpaper store.

Whale browser Theme/Wallpaper store screenshot

Remember that you can "skin" the browser with a variety of themes by default, plus you could always just use your own photos, so to me this isn't all that useful.

There is a Dokdo theme, because of course there is, but sadly somehow I couldn't apply it. In fact, I couldn't apply any theme at all. The "enable" button was grayed out on all themes for me. Maybe a bug? Maybe they knew I was facetiously trying to install it? Who knows.

KOREA'S DOKDO theme on Whale theme store screenshot

Anyway, check out the theme/wallpaper store here:

By the way, the Chrome/Chromium engine for Whale has been updated to version 60 now. My Google Chrome installation is currently at version 61, and since I'm using the x64 build it's beta anyway. So it's not exactly 'out of date' anymore. Nice to see their keeping it ship-shape. Vastly preferable to IE11, after all.

They've also added Air Quality info to the mini weather report on the new tab page. Nice little touch to keep an eye on it.

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