Wednesday, November 15, 2017

High Noon: Korean English levels meme

To celebrate the first ever delay of the Suneung, here is a funny meme picture that humorously illustrates many Koreans' perceptions of how English gets used. As the level goes "up," a simple statement like "It's high noon." becomes so convoluted and abstract that it's nearly impossible to comprehend. The drawing too becomes appropriately more and more abstract. The levels progress from:
  1. (easiest) actual native speakers
  2. middle school English textbooks
  3. high school English textbooks
  4. (hardest) Suneung questions (Korean College Scholastic Ability Test)

English levels, from "native speaker" to CSAT

This meme format is part of the Increasingly Verbose Memes | Know Your Meme family, and looks like somebody just added the Korean text to this one. The cowboy character is McCree from the wildly popular game Overwatch. He says this when doing some special move. 

If you want to see what the test is really like, I posted a few questions here:

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