Monday, November 20, 2017

Naver Whale browser "snows" for first snow of the year

Today the Seoul area experienced its first snow of the season, and Naver's web browser Whale celebrated by making it snow on the new tab page. 

Screenshot of a snowing Naver Whale browser new tab page

I tried it this afternoon to confirm. If you run the mouse cursor around the screen, the snow will respond with a sort of hover/get-out-of-the-way response. 

Some users on Twitter (including the official Whale account) shared their shots too, including this one that shows the snow animation:

Snow falling on Whale's new tab page. Image: @Cha_Gyung

The effect is similar to what Kakao has done within KakaoTalk chatrooms when it's snowed over the last few years. 

I like this a lot. It reminds me of the kind of cute whimsy (or a brand of 센스) in technology that Google used to be known for. 

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