Google Play's Top Apps for South Korea 2017

Google Play released their Top Korean Apps of 2017 lists.

Google Play's Best of 2017 listings for South Korea screenshot

A new "Most Popular" category was added this year, and Sandbox Color, a relaxing coloring book type app by the looks of it, took home 1st place. Snow app (the Instagram of Korea), Naver's translator app Papago, and the fine dust forecast widget I use, all featured on the list. 

Meanwhile, for overall Top App, get ready for it: a "Foodie" camera.

Foodie app on Google Play 

Foodie is a camera app equipped with more than 30 filters designed for taking better pictures of food. Since its launch in February 2016, the app has racked up more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play app store.
Foodie camera app tops Korea’s 2017 Google Play App Awards

I was going to link you to the list, but it looks like it's the same URL for every country and the resulting lists depends on your location. So I don't think I can link you up to the Korean lists directly. So I'll just copy/paste the links to the apps here if you're curious.

Or you can just check the infographic from their blog post:

Best Apps for Korea 2017 by Google Play
Bonus: You can also just watch this Google-made video that showcases these apps:

Note that while many of these apps are Korean-made, some are not. Naver did pretty well, grabbing several spots if you include Snow and Foodie. Now on to the lists.

Overall Best App in Korea 2017

Most Popular Apps for Korea 2017

Top Entertainment Apps for Korea 2017

Most Innovative Apps for Korea 2017

  1. 카카오뱅크 - 같지만 다른 은행
  2. Papago 통역/번역 - 네이버 파파고
  3. 요일 YOIL – 패션, 스타일, 브랜드, 쇼핑, 의류
  4. 인공지능 애나 - 목소리로 시작하는 소개팅
  5. Fortune City - A Finance App

Top Indie Apps for Korea 2017

  1. 호갱노노
  2. 어메이저 - K-pop 영상 배틀
  3. 백자 하루 - 원고지 일기장
  4. 우리동네 중고 직거래 벼룩장터 - 당근마켓
  5. 내가 기억해 - 첫화면, 잠금화면 할 일 관리

Top Family Apps for Korea 2017

  1. 핑크퐁! 모양∙색깔
  2. TO-FU 오 ! 초밥 !
  3. Star Walk 2 - 아이들을위한 천문학 게임 : 태양계, 행성, 별 및 별자리 배우기
  4. 옥토넛 해양생물 탐사놀이
  5. YouTube Kids

Normally I'd say a few words about these apps, or at least check them out if I was unfamiliar. But I'm swamped right now with end-of-year stuff. Sorry about that. 

If you want to read short paragraphs about why each app was chosen (in Korean), you can do that here:

There's also corresponding lists for games, but you'll have to browse that on your own. Here's a roundup though:
Netmarble Games said Friday its latest game "Lineage 2: Revolution" has been given Google Play's "Best Game of 2017" award in South Korea and five other Asian countries.
South Korea's No. 1 mobile game developer and publisher said Lineage 2: Revolution, a mobile MMORPG game licensed by NCSoft and developed by Netmarble, got the award in its home country on Thursday and previously won similar awards in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore on Dec. 1.
Another Netmarble mobile game "Penta Storm for Kakao" also received the best live competitive mobile game award.
Lineage 2: Revolution given Google Play's 'Best Game of 2017' award

Top search terms lists must be coming out soon. I wonder which issue will top it? THAAD? The North Korean defector? Trump and the FTA? We'll find out soon.