Thursday, December 14, 2017

Kakao Friends phone-watch for kids released

Any parents out there who want to keep tabs on their kids might want to look into getting one of these Kakao Friends wearable phone-watches.

KakaoKids Watch. Image: IT Chosun

You can track the kid's location with the admin app on your own phone, and the watch can automatically snap a photo of the surroundings and send it to you so you can check what's going on. Pretty neat. And of course you can send KakaoTalk messages back and forth from it, just by speaking.

They come in two models featuring 2 new Kakao Friends who I have no idea how to write their names in English: 꼼 and 키니. Gom and Kenny? Kohm and Keeny? Gom is clearly a bear. I don't know what the hell Kenny is. Leave a comment if you have a guess.

Anyway pick one up for about 300,000 won.

Source: 카카오키즈, 어린이용 스마트워치 선봬

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