Saturday, December 9, 2017

Kakao Taxi goes Star Wars for "The Last Jedi"

Today I used the Kakao T app to take a taxi. It popped up with yet another promotional event poster, this time for something about Star Wars. I usually just dismiss them without really reading them, but today's was pretty neat.

Kakao T Star Wars event promo. Image: ziness

When you order a taxi, the progress map changes your location icon to the BB-8 droid, and the taxi icon changes to the Millennium Falcon. Here's a screenshot from my trip today.

Screenshot from Kakao Taxi, with promotional Star Wars icons

Sorry for the poor blur job there. I tried to do this quick. I don't want the First Order knowing where I live and work.

Anyway, when you click that bottom banner, it takes you to the event promotion page located here:
🔗 스타워즈: 라스트 제다이 카카오내비, 치즈, T택시, 맵 프로모션 이벤트

Here's the event info, which suggests that simply taking a Kakao Taxi trip during the promotion period will enter you to win a ticket to the The Last Jedi.

Screenshot of Kakao T / Star Wars promo event. Image: ziness

Some other Kakao apps are participating in the event, such as Kakao Cheese and Kakao Navi, but it looks like you should upload proofshots to your SNS for those.

And if you want even more Star Wars fun, you can add some flare to your Kakao Talk profile, like this person did:

I haven't seen any other screenshots out there, so I wonder if other Kakao Taxi users see other Star Wars icons? I sort of hoped by driver's profile image would have been a Kylo Ren mask.

Speaking of Kakao T, my first driver texted me insisting there was a "problem" and I should cancel the request. When I did, Kakao gave me the option of reporting why I cancelled, and one of the options was "Driver called me and told me to cancel" which I chose. This is apparently a growing problem. Even in the virtual world, they can still drive on by you.

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