Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sam Hammington chats with Mark Hamill for Star Wars promo

Sam Hammington, that famous Korean-speaking white Aussie comedian you see on every Korean reality TV show, recently sat down with Mark Hamill (Luke from Star Wars, like you didn't know that) in Japan to conduct an English/Korean interview with the actor.

Sam Hammington and Mark Hamill chatting it up. Image: Disney Facebook 

They had a nice chat, promoting the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie which comes out in Korea on December 14 and playing a few goofy talk show type games. Summer or winter? Mark or Luke? He even gets him to do the Korean "heart fingers" gesture and of course, it wouldn't an interview with a foreign celebrity without getting him to say something in Korean. In this case: 기대해, "look forward to it, anticipate it!"

You can watch the interview on Naver's V Live streaming video service here:
🔗 V LIVE - 마크 해밀 X 샘 해밍턴 <스타워즈: 라스트 제다이> V라이브 '<Star Wars: The Last Jedi> V LIVE'

 I'll embed it here too:

Disney also has a promo post up on their Facebook page with some nice still shots that sum up all the fun bits (embedded below):

And finally, Sam has some images from the interview up on his personal Instagram:

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Maybe because it's a Saturday, but I was surprised not to find any info about this in English language news. Anyway enjoy the chat. And see kids, if you study Korean hard, someday you can meet Luke Skywalker.

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