Black Panther on Naver Maps

Naver Maps is running another film promotion. If you search for "Black Panther Filming Location" in the app, you'll see results from around the Busan area where portions of the film were shot (more on that here and here).

Actually, I had to do the search in Korean (블락판서 촬영지) to bring up the results, but the results are in English. If you want to find it via English, you need to search the uncomfortably Romanized phrase "Black Paenseo".

Black Panther filming locations in Busan, on Naver Map

You can see the various spots around Busan (such as this bridge) where filming took place in the screenshot above. Click on them, and if you have the "panorama" layer enabled, a small street-view window will appear in the bottom-right. Tap it, and browse the 360° street view coverage in that spot.

At one of the locations, you'll find an image of the Black Panther himself. Screenshot it, leave a comment on the Naver Map Facebook page, and you can win free movie tickets. Contest runs Feb 7 - Feb 12, 2018. Winners notified Feb 14th (Valentine's Day, aww).

I had to browse a few of the locations before I found the Panther. And it doesn't seem to work on desktop; just the app.

Recall that Kakao Map did something similar with the Star Wars release.