Lunar New Year 2018

Today is Lunar New Year, and as usual Naver has some cute doodles and neat onebox results for 설날 which you can tap through. They include recipes, lists of family titles (what to call your cousin's wife's sister, etc.), travel info, and such.

But my favorite is this guide to 상차리기 (setting up an honorary table) for your 차례 (ancestor memorial rites). Not only is the picture cute, but they go into detail showing the correct placement and ordering of all the items.

Naver onebox results for 설날 showing 상차리기 table setting instructions 

Meanwhile, Naver's doodle for yesterday featured some dogs frolicking around to celebrate the Year of the Dog.

Naver doodle for Lunar New Year 2018

This is part of a series for this holiday which will include this set:

Naver doodles for 설날 2018. Image: Naver

Today's shows what I'm guessing are red-crowned cranes. It looks like they all were drawn by an artist named Kim Han-geol (김한걸) and more of his work can be seen here:

And just for fun, here's this year's official Kakao Friends image. The dog Frodo rises as the sun, as the year of the dog begins, and all his friends have dressed up as him.

Kakao Friends celebrate the Year of the Dog

I don't know about you, but I find this new illustration style creepy. They were cute when they were bright bold simple colors. Their recent appearances have some creepy uncanny valley thing going on.

Next up, just because I think it's funny, here the ever meme-worthy Gabe Newell of Valve 'shopped into wearing hanbok. I assume it's a 'shop anyway, but who knows these days.

Gabe Newell looking good in hankbok

Finally, some light reading for you:

Happy new year folks. Hope you got some of that sweet new year's cash.