Monday, February 26, 2018

Papago adds Papago Kids multilingual vocabulary flashcards mode

Naver's translation app Papago now has a new feature called "Papago Kids" which shows flash cards with vocabulary words and cute illustrations.

Flashcards from Naver Papago. Image: Naver Facebook

The cards can be shown in one of four languages (Chinese, Japanese, English, Korean) with the Korean alongside. This makes not just useful for young Korean children learning other languages, but also decent for foreigners wanting to learn Korean and just starting out. Could be good for multi-cultural families too.

Flashcards from Naver Papago. Image: Naver Facebook

There are lots of flashcards apps, but if you're a Korean language learner/speaker, you've probably got the Papago app already. It's already baked into the app (just tap 키즈 or Kids in the main pop-out side menu aka hamburger menu). Tap the cards and it will pronounce the name. Swipe for more.

Here's a promo video showing it in use.

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