Saturday, February 10, 2018

Twitter emoji for Pyeongchang Olympics (plus Naver doodles)

Twitter PyeongChang Olympics emoji

Twitter is including a special emoji when you use one of the Olympic hashtags, including:
  • #PyeongChang2018
  • #2018평창

I can't tell exactly but it looks like a snowy mountain beside the waves. Appropriate for Gangwon-do. Here's how it appears in the tweets.

Snowy mountain by the sea emoji on Twitter

Here's the emoji image that it's triggering:

Image: Twitter

I tried to find an official announcement about this image, but couldn't find any articles in either English or Korean. Weird. Update: Twitter posted about it here.

Twitter also shows a few other emoji during the Olympics period, as you can see here:

Tweet showing the various Pyeongchang Olympics related hashtag triggered emoji. Image: @Twiplomacy

The two Korean flags are just normal emoji you can copy/paste: 🇰🇵 and 🇰🇷

The others are special Twitter emoji for this Olympics period:

#Olympics hashtag triggered wreath logo. Image: Twitter

#OpeningCeremony hashtag triggered logo. Image: Twitter

#COR hashtag triggered unity flag of DPRK/ROK team. Image: Twitter

#국가대표 (National representative) and  #가자평창 (Let's go Pyeongchang) triggered emoji. Image: Twitter

And finally, I missed this, but a few months back they also showed a peace sign for the old Olympic truce, as well a torch icons during the torch relay.

The campaign, exclusive to Twitter, was launched to commemorate the United Nations resolution on the Olympic Truce, and users who tweet the hashtags listed below in six languages will unlock a special hashtag-triggered emoji:
  • Korean: #평화올림픽, #나에게평화란
  • English: #Peace4Me, #OlympicTruce
  • [etc.]
Another hashtag-triggered emoji depicting the Olympic Flame can be activated by tweeting the following hashtags:
  • #TorchRelay
  • #OlympicTorchRelay
  • #OlympicFlame
  • #성화봉송
  • #올림픽성화봉송
  • #평창올림픽성화봉송
  • [etc; more at link]

 - The Olympic Truce Comes to Twitter as the PyeongChang Games Approach – Adweek 

That Adweek article lists the games as taking place in Pyeongchang, China. Ouch. Not sure if that's better or worse than saying Pyeongyang. See some other Korean Twitter emojis here.

Olympics mascots KakaoTalk stickers

Anyway, if you want to share some of these emoji type stickers yourself, you can also download a free sticker pack of the Olympic mascots Soohorang and Bandabi (수호랑 and 반다비) for Kakao Talk by adding the official PyeongChang Olympics "Plus Friend."

Kakao Plus Friend sticker pack of Soohorang and Bandabi

Naver doodles

And just for the fun of it, here were today's Naver doodles celebrating the Opening Ceremonies:

Naver's Pyeongchang Olympics Opening ceremonies doodle (desktop)

Naver's Pyeongchang Olympics Opening ceremonies doodle (mobile)

[Ha, I just typed "Olympics" in the Blogger location tag field and it brought up the right place. Neat.]

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