Tuesday, April 10, 2018

3rd Naver Design Fellowship open to foreigners

Naver is offering a design fellowship which is open to foreigners. They posted the recruitment ad in both Korean and English.

Before you get excited, I goofed on this one and bookmarked it to post later, got busy, and forgot. The deadline was a couple of days ago. Sorry about that. I'll post it here anyway for future reference.

Here was the English version:

NAVER Design Fellowship 3rd

We are searching for students who can design the future of NAVER

What is NAVER Design Fellowship?

NAVER Design Fellowship is an intensive 8-week program where tasks are given and evaluated at
weekly meetings(every Wed, 7 ~ 9 pm), and it doesn't interfere with school studies.

Eligibility : Undergraduate / Graduate / International Students interested in mobile service (academic background is irrelevant)

Number of Fellowships : Approximately 10 fellowships will be granted

Program Timeline : April 25th, 2018 ~ June 14th, 2018 (8 weeks)
                                  Every Wednesdays from 7 to 9 pm @ NAVER HQ
                                  (meeting will be rescheduled to Thursday in case Wednesday is a holiday)

Admission Process : Document (+Assignment) Screening →  Interview

Admission Schedule :
  • Document Submission Period : March 23rd (Fri)  ~ April 6th (Fri) 23:59
  • Screening Result Notification : April 13th (Fri)
  • Interview Dates : will be announced individually to applicants who pass the document screening.
  • Final Result Notification : April 20th (Fri), will be announced individually to every interviewees.

Assignment : Design a 'NAVER app' screen, and explain you design in detail.
(Elements that comprise the first screen, such as search bar, Tab menu, do not have to be included.)

Benefits :  Basic activity cost + Incentives depending to the outcome of weekly tasks.
                   Notable fellowships may lead to full-time employment or 2018 Design Internship

모집소식 상세보기 : NAVER Career

You can still see more at the link above. They also have an extensive English language FAQs section:
[ENG]NAVER Design Fellows.. : 네이버블로그

Again, sorry I missed this. You can keep an eye out yourself by checking here:
NAVER Career

Obviously their offerings in English are rare but fellowships or workshops come up now and then.

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