Monday, April 23, 2018

Buy E-mart stuff internationally with SSG's global English site

I just noticed that Shinsegae (신세계), the company that owns Shinsegae Department Store, Traders, and E-mart, has a specific "SSG Global" online shopping service in English catering to overseas buyers. Forget G-market. If you want to buy Korean grocery store snack foods and K-beauty cosmetics, try here and buy direct. homepage

The site has a clean, logical layout, prices and shipping are clear, they accept basic credit cards (no Active X crap), and you can even log-in via your Facebook or Twitter account.

The prices are pretty reasonable - basically the same you'd pay if you were shopping here in Korea. For example, here's the immensely popular "Super Spicy Chicken Flavor Noodle" Big Cup aka 불닭볶음면 for just $1.07 (~₩1,120). Not bad considering it's around 900원 on domestic shopping sites. Though for this example G-market prices are the same

Super Spicy Chicken Ramen aka 불닭볶음면 on SSG Global 

So for all you international K-culture and K-wave and K-whatever fans out there, add this site to your shopping arsenal and maybe save some money. They have loads of products from both the department stores and basic E-mart stuff. This may not be news to you, but I had never realized they had this level of international English service. 

Meanwhile, if you're inside Korea, you'll need to use the default Korean SSG site. But don't worry, they even provided a step-by-step English screenshot guide for signing up. Neat. 

Happy shopping. 

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