Monday, April 23, 2018

Recommended: "Grand Slam KBO"

Just wanted to share a little gem I stumbled across: "Grand Slam KBO." It's a blog run by a few expats who are really, really big fans of Korean baseball. Not often you find fan-based Korean baseball info in English.

Grand Slam KBO blog

I confess I don't care at all about the in(nings) and outs (zing!) of Korean baseball. I've been to known to catch a few games now and then, but I go more for the atmosphere and that certain type of buzz you get from drinking beer in the sun. I'll clap those tube balloons, eye the cheerleaders, and cheer on that one guy who painted his face for game day. I don't pay much attention to the stats of the game itself. By the time I leave I'm usually heat-stroked and slurring my words. Nothing a nice post-game meal won't fix.

But if you are at all interested in Korean baseball teams and the league as a whole organization, check these guys out. They seem genuinely passionate about the KBO league and even a non-serious fan like me gets a kick out of their commentary. Here's a sample.

By the close of the 2nd inning on Thursday, the long suffering Hanwha Eagles fans were facing the prospect of a record being broken and, unusually for them, in their favour.

They’d waited 2083 days to sweep the KIA Tigers, defending KBO champions. And they were doing it in style. Hector Noesi, KIA’s 2 million dollar pitcher, had been spectacularly lit up. The Tiger carcass was lying on the floor and the Eagles feasted on it all night.

Glorious Hanbat could soon be the last of the old KBO ballparks. – GRAND SLAM KBO

They share plenty of analysis too. No idea how accurate it is, but it sure sounds like they know their stuff.

This year in the KBO there is a divide in team management that following the return of Kim HyunSoo (김현수), Park ByungHo (박병호), and Hwang JaeGyun (황재균) from MLB is becoming much more pronounced. A number of teams such as KIA, SK, kt and Nexen are favouring a lineup stacked with guys who can hit for power. Other teams such as Doosan, NC and Lotte are favouring a small-ball approach. The Lotte Giants manager, Jo WonWoo (조원우) is currently a manager telling a small-ball oriented roster that’s missing two of it’s key pitchers to play big-inning baseball.

The success of this approach is evident from the first 14 games of the season where the Giants have only managed to hit 12 home runs. Among the other KBO teams, only the Samsung Lions (10), and the first place Doosan Bears (11) have hit fewer. So, why are Doosan in first, when they are hitting less home runs than last place Lotte?

A Look At What Is Going Wrong In Sajik – GRAND SLAM KBO
So check them out if you're at all interested. No promo consideration or anything here. Just sharing a piece of the still-active K-blogosphere with you.


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