2018 English guide to enrolling your kids in school in Korea

Here's a handy English language guide to enrolling your kids in school here in South Korea. I'm sure some of you expat dads and moms with school age kids might find this useful.

English enrollment guide for Korean schools. Image: Ministry of Education

Per a recent Korea Times article:
The Ministry of Education recently released a school admission and transfer guide book in 10 languages ... Among 109,387 multicultural students, 20,073 have transferred from foreign schools ... The move is to guarantee the right of education to all children including undocumented immigrant children and refugee children, as well as multicultural children.
School admissions guidebook available in 10 languages

The KT only gives a link to the education ministry page, which, surprise surprise, is entirely in Korean.

But don't worry. Here's the exact page where the English guide is hosted:
자료통합검색 : 중앙다문화교육센터

And for your convenience, here's the direct link to the PDF itself
🔗 http://nime.or.kr/ViewerJS/web/viewer.html?file=/attachment/2504/1 (1MB .pdf)

I skimmed the guide, and it's actually a pretty good English introduction to the overall Korean school system, if anybody is doing research or whatever on that topic.

They also have a 6 part video series (each part about 20 minutes) that covers much of this useful information. It's on YouTube and a pre-made YouTube playlist is already set up at this link:
The Korean Education System and Entrance Information for Multi-Cultural Parents(Middle school)chap.1 - YouTube

Here's the first chapter embedded below: