Display ordered lists with Hangul numbering

Did you know you can automatically convert your normal numbered lists into a Korean style list, with numbers replaced by the Hangul alphabet?

It's pretty simple and adds a neat touch to your Koreaboo image. Forget listing things by 1, 2, 3 and start listing by 가, 나, 다.

Here's an example list I just made.

  1. milk
  2. eggs
  3. bread
  4. cereal
  5. beer
  6. cheese
  7. kimchi

All I did was use the normal list-numbering format in my blog post editor. This works for any website that accepts HTML input, because all I did was style the ordered list.

In other words, just make a normal numbered list, but add this one line of code along with the list:

<style> ul, ol {list-style: hangul;} </style>

That's it. You can paste this right into your own blog post, in some website comment boxes, or add it to your whole site's CSS section and every list will default to this style.

So for example, the list I made above looks like this in the raw HTML:

<style> ul, ol {list-style: hangul;} </style>
<p>Things I need to buy</p>

There are two other Hangul type styles you can try, and even some hanja. Just replace "hangul" in the code with one of these:

  • hangul
    (가, 나... 가가, 가나...)
  • hangul-consonant
    (ㄱ, ㄴ ... ㄱㄱ, ㄱㄴ...)
  • korean-hangul-formal
    (일, 이, 삼...)
  • korean-hanja-formal
    (壹, 貳 參...)
  • korean-hanja-informal
    (一,  二, 三...)

Have fun making ranked lists of your favorite idols with just a little extra pizzazz.