Map your Blogger posts' locations by coordinates

Here's the correct syntax for correctly plotting a Blogger post location by specific known coordinates.

If you frequently use the location tag on your Blogger blog posts (whether it's to automatically display a map along with the post, or to showcase places you've been or sites you've blogged about), you may prefer to input a set of coordinates instead of searching manually or by address.

But searching a map link for the spot returns an error, and trying the raw coordinates returns wacky results. For example, the same coordinates (37.5545339,126.9696183, which should bring up Seoul Station) return different locations in these screenshots.

Searching coordinates in different ways

So don't use these formats:

  • 37.5545339,126.9696183
  • @37.5545339,126.9696183

The correct format is simply to add the "loc:" argument before the coordinates. Like this:

  • loc:37.5545339,126.9696183

Paste that into the Blogger location search box and it will put the pin in the exact proper place.

The only problem now is that it won't return a text location. Blogger used to map by either coordinates, addresses, or place names, but recently it seems only addresses are returned. So you'll still need to manually move the pin a tiny tiny bit to get that location's equivalent address to appear, otherwise the location tag won't be saved in your post. This is what I did for this post.

Of course you can still search by the name of the location if you prefer. This is just another niche method for people who might want to tag the post with more precise location info, such as for a photo blog or travel blog. Super niche. I'm guessing zero people will find this useful, but just putting it out there. I know I've been helped by random niche posts before.

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