Thursday, May 3, 2018

Upcoming Woori Bank transactions suspension: May 5-7, 2018

It looks like all Woori Bank transactions will be suspended during the upcoming Childrens' Day weekend (May 5-7, 2018) while their system gets an overhaul. So if you're a Woori customer, might want to pull out some extra cash by this Thursday (i.e. today) to be safe. 

It looks like credit cards will still work, but no debit/check cards or online banking. Lot of stuff affected here so check it out.

The info pops-up on the Woori homepage. But I'll share it here too. It's just a giant image of text.

Announcement from Woori Bank about upcoming May 2018 system outage

You can find the original Korean posting here. Plus it seems to be translated into various other languages if you visit those respective Woori login pages. 

Hat tip to u/TySwindel for this. Wish they'd provide RSS feeds for their notices/announcements. Oh well. 

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