Open and view Hangul (.hwp) files with Synap Viewer - online web converter & Android app

Here's another way to open and view Hangul .HWP files without having the full Hancom Office suite. A company called Synapsoft provides both a simple Android app viewer, and a very convenient web-based online instant converter.

Note: this is one of several methods for working with HWP files. See my other posts on opening Hangul (.hwp/.hml) files.

Both of these tools are completely free and require no login or sign-up. I'll run through how the results look in both.

Synap Doument Viewer

The Synap website has a very convenient upload box, where you simply choose the .hwp file from your computer, click upload, and immediately get either an HTML version of the file, or an image version of the file. Files are limited to 3MB for this free service. Here's a direct link to the upload box:

Screenshot of Synapsoft upload dialog for HWP conversion

I tried it myself with a random .hwp file I found online, promoting some free baseball watching. The file looks like this inside Hangul Office:

Random publicly available HWP file for testing purposes

Now here's how it looked when instant-converted by Synap Document Viewer. This is the HTML version:

Result when converted to HTML via Synap

Looks pretty much identical. The HTML version maintained the correct formatting in my experiment, plus allows you to highlight and copy the text and images.

This makes it an ideal option if you simply need to see (or Google translate) the content of an Hwp file.

Or you can just grab an image copy of the file. Here's what that looks like:

Result when converted to images via Synap

Synap Viewer apps for Android

Synap Viewer apps, new and old

There are actually two viewer apps currently available by the company: an older and a newer. Just like with the web converter, these apps do not require any log-in.

Both seem to work well though the newer one is faster and smoother, as well as the newer one having English menus and options.

Here's what my test document looks like in the newer app. Note that you can highlight and copy the text from the document, making it easy to share the document's content to Google Translate or Papago Translator:

HWP document opened in Synap Viewer

And here's how it looks in the older app:

HWP document opened in the older viewing app

Just FYI, here's what the apps' document lists look like:

Newer app document list

Older app document list

Happy viewing.

Source: 사이냅소프트, 모바일용 HWP·오피스 문서뷰어 출시 - 지디넷코리아
For other options relating to using Hangul files, see my other posts on working with .HWP files.