Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Links from July 2018

Time for another good old link roundup. Here's plenty on the list for this month. Interesting stuff I read about Korea in July that you might be interested in too.

Links from July 2018

Life and Issues in Korea

Tech and Business stuff

Android Auto and Kakao Navi in Korea

WTF, Bizarre


🔥 Heat 🔥

It was hot this month. I remember last year summer being surprisingly short, at least the hottest part of it. This year got me back though. Been running the air non stop. Can't wait for the bill to come. And it's that super humid heat so even when you just stand around in the shade it's no different from being in the direct sun. You WILL sweat. You WILL look disgusting. You WILL have to towel yourself off when you get to work in the office bathroom. You WILL need to bring a change of shirt, or 3.


Some interesting history pieces this month.


I've rented a bike a few times here. Never once wore a helmet. I'm 100% against it. We need to separate cars from bikes, period. That alone will get more people riding bikes instead of driving. Kojects' take has it totally right.

Some K-pop stuff

Top Recommended

And that's it for this month. Stay cool out there folks. 

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