Sunday, September 23, 2018

Naver and Google logo doodles for Chuseok 2018

As usual, Naver's homepage will feature some cute doodles to celebrate Chuseok. This year (2018) they'll be from an artist that goes by "Kimi & 12" (pronounced "Kimmy and ill-ee"). They're all cute and of course the good old rabbit and moon trope shows up again.

Here's a preview of this year's logo doodles:

Naver's doodles for Chuseok 2018 by Kimi & 12. Image: Naver

I think the one for Sunday is my favorite:

See more of the artists' work at this Naver Blog post or visit their Instagram page.

I kind of like this one:

A post shared by STUDIO KIMI AND 12 (@kimi_and_12) on

And here's Google's doodle:

Google's 2018 Chuseok doodle. Image: Google

Happy Chuseok and be safe out there.

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