Sunday, September 30, 2018

Seoullo 7017 to get major 7-leg expansion

This is pretty amazing. The elevated pedestrian walkway over the Seoul Station area is due to be massively expanded, with 7 new legs branching off into neighboring areas off from the main original portion. Soon you'll be able to walk up in the sky around a huge portion of downtown Seoul.

Here are the details from a Seoul City press release:

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will build seven new pedestrian paths from Seoullo 7017 branching out into neighboring urban regeneration areas, including Seogye-dong, Jungnim-dong, Hoehyeon-dong, Huam-dong, and Seosomun-dong.
  • Jungnim 1-gil (≈ 810m): From Yakhyeon Catholic Church to Chungjeongno Station, there are many antique houses and alleyways, demonstrating this area’s potential to become historically and culturally distinctive in the urban center of Seoul.
  • Jungnim 2-gil (≈ 790m): Passing through relatively large apartment buildings, this woodland path leads to Chungjeongno Station.
  • Seogye 1-gil (≈ 780m): Across narrow streets, vintage homes, and traditional Korean housing, the road leads from Malli Market to Hyochang Park. Along the way, you can catch a glimpse of the historical sewing culture in the Seoul station vicinity.
  • Seogye 2-gil (≈ 1,100m): Stretching from Cheongpa Children’s Park, the National Theater Company of Korea, and Cheongpa Hill, this area has a variety of historical and cultural uniqueness, featuring old sewing factories, beaten paths, Japanese-style housing, and more.
  • Huam 1-gil (≈ 1,300m): This walkway runs toward Yangdong Park and Huam Market behind Seoul Square, capturing the historical flow of time over the years.
  • Huam 2-gil (≈ 1,400m): From varied paths, inclusive of Seoullo and Sowol-ro City Wall, this road leads all the way to Namsan Mountain. The walkway is too steep to be suitable for walking, so it is in need of some road maintenance and improvement.
  • Hoehyeon 1&2-gil (≈ 1,400m): With plenty of modern and contemporary architectures, such as Hoehyeon Post Office, incorporated with colonial Japanese-style housing, visitors can take in the unique atmosphere fused together with the area’s resplendent history and culture.
[Seoullo 7017 Branches Out into Neighborhoods with 7 Walkways - Seoul Metropolitan Government]

But to really get a good understanding, you need to see the prospective maps. The English article here didn't include one, but it was easy enough to find some on Korean articles:

Seoullo 7-leg expansion plan. Image: Yonhap

Seoullo 7-leg expansion plan. Image: Roadpress

That's just incredible. I'll admit that I was skeptical about this project when I first heard about it awhile back, but I visited twice now and I have to say it really has helped classy up the area a bit more, and with guards patrolling it at night it has to have helped make transportation transfers at night a little easier and safer. I don't know about the greenery and plant life it hosts, but practically it was very nice and I'm excited to see these massive expansions.

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